Thank you for your interest in SKALE! We are in process of developing out our developer documentation, and we are open to feedback.


SKALE is an open-source, fully decentralized, layer 2 scaling network. Nodes in the SKALE Network are placed into SKALE chains (S-chains) in a random, cryptographically secure manner. The nodes work together to run a fast, asynchronous consensus with fast finality. S-chains are capable of performing state updates by messaging each other and the main Ethereum chain using BLS threshold signatures. The result is a decentralized, cost-effective, secure, and easy to use layer 2 scaling environment.

Developer Account Access

While we are deploying to the testnet, access to SKALE will be temporarily limited to projects that are participating in the SKALE Innovator Program. Once we have launched to the mainnet, access to SKALE will be available to everyone. If you are interested in early access to SKALE, please submit a detailed application.

Developer Documentation

The implementation documentation for developers can be found on this site. Developers who want to create and use and create S-chains, please see the Getting Started guide.